•       LEOPARD 12:1
    Air-mixed Pump
    Fluid Pressure Ratio
    12 : 1  
    Delivery maxCapacity)
    2.6(10) gpm(litre/min)
    Cycle Per Gallon
    23 cycle
    Cycle Per Litre
    6 cycle
    Max. Recommended Pump Speed
    60 cycle per min
    Air Motor Effective Diameter
    6.3(160) inch(mm)
    4(104) inch(mm)
    App.Air consumption At 5bar 
    2,000 litre / min
    Air Operating Pressure Range
    40-100(3-7) psi(bar)
    Noise Level  
    80 dB
    Maximum Discharge pressure
    1,218(84) psi(bar)
    Leather & Teflon  
    Air Inlet
    3/8 in. npt(F)
    Fluid Outlet
    1/2 in. npt(F)
    Typical Fluid Handled
    Enamels, Polyurethance Coatings, Nomal Coatings, etc.
    Lacquers And Varnishes In Wood Products Industry, Epoxy And
    Polyuerethane Coatings on Products, etc.