•       LEOPARD 20:1
    Air-mixed Pump
    Fluid Pressure Ratio
    20 : 1  
    Delivery maxCapacity)
    2.1(8) gpm(litre/min)
    Cycle Per Gallon
    29 cycle
    Cycle Per Litre
    7.5 cycle
    Max. Recommended Pump Speed
    60 cycle per min
    Air Motor Effective Diameter
    6.3(160) inch(mm)
    4(104) inch(mm)
    App.Air consumption At 5bar
    2,000 litre / min
    Air Operating Pressure Range
    40-100(3-7) psi(bar)
    Noise Level
    80 dB
    Maximum Discharge pressure
    2,030(140) psi(bar)
    Leather & Teflon  
    Air Inlet
    3/8 in. npt(F)
    Fluid Outlet
    3/8 in. npt(F)
    Typical Fluid Handled  
    Enamels, Polyurethance Coatings, Nomal Coatings, etc.
    Lacquers And Varnishes In Wood Products Industry, Epoxy And
    Polyuerethane Coatings on Products, etc.